Thoughts on the readings and proceedings in this class taught by Professor John Soluri.


Here are some questions that correspond to Coffee: A Global History, pp. 7–43:

(1) Compare the botanical, economic, and cultural dimensions of Arabica and Robusta coffees. What is the relationship of these two species of coffee…

Nick Marotta

The prompt for this project was to enable an autographic physicalization of a normally unseen phenomenon. For the physicalization to be autographic, the phenomenon must create evidence of itself.

I decided to focus on block play in the context of early education. When kids play with blocks, it…

The exhibit I designed was based around the idea of introducing visitors to Basquiat. Basquiat’s rise to fame and acquisition of critical acclaim was undoubtedly aided by, or even because of, his personality. While selling postcards on the street without a home to his name, Basquiat met Andy Warhol, the…

Self-reflection Hybrid Environments 10/01/18

150–250 word self-reflection posted to Medium: What other types of environments are becoming hybrid? Give at least one specific example and note whether or not you think the hybridization of the environment improves the user experience.

Many environments now are becoming hybrid as the inclusion of technology becomes more accessible…

Nick Marotta

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