Basquiat Exhibit Process


Idea 2: An exhibit that introduces you to Basquiat in the same way he was introduced to the New York art world in the 70s. From the outside of the gallery, you would see his graffiti poetry over the walls, signed “SAMO.” That would intrigue you to enter, and then you would meet Basquiat by watching a video clip of his interview alongside Warhol, just as the world got to know Basquiat in his rise to fame through Warhol. From there, you would see a small selection of Basquiat paintings. The exhibit should feel like a gallery on a New York City street in the 80s. This introduction to Basquiat should excite you into seeing his other works at the Warhol museum.

Miller I.C.A. floor plan and elevations with figures for scale
Blank floor plan on left, Parti Diagram on right
sketchup iteration of front entrance, with vinyl appliqué of SAMO graffiti and Basquiat photo, tying his identity to the graffiti seen on other faces of the building, leading into the exhibit.
The visitor’s perspective at entrance: vinyl wall appliqué of Basquiat with his logo behind Gallery Assistant desk
An area to the left of the entrance where you can sit and listen to a Basquiat interview, see him and Warhol posing with paintings. Playing (once the motion sensor detects you have sat down) is a video excerpt from the State of The Art documentary series. This is playing on a TV from the 80s to help set the time.
Main pieces on display: early work, collaboration, late work, from left to right
A space on the central wall for photos and information about Basquiat and a space on the last wall before the exit for Information about The Andy Warhol Museum.

10/09/18 Notes

Today I talked to Cameron and Peter about the current state of this exhibit plan. Here are some things I need to think about, extracted from those conversations:

10/11/18 Progress

I talked to Connor about my exhibit and we both agreed that it looked like a standard Miller Gallery exhibit, not something designed by me. So I sat down and thought about how I could re-approach the concept. I thought about thresholds and how in my exhibit I have two distinct spaces: the entry and the gallery. I thought about how I could make the thresholds between those spaces more apparent and meaningful.

Parti Diagram




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